We specialize in Catering for all occasions.  Although we accommodate all events, we have shaped our business around wedding receptions. We offer exceptional service at a reasonable price. We don't ask that you simply trust us. We invite you to taste and preview our menu to guarantee you absolutely love our dishes. We always bring our best and provide the finest quality service available. 

TBCC has formed amazing partnerships with local small businesses, organic farms, fishermen, venues, breweries, and other event service specialists.

We have partnered with Real Good Fish a local CSF (Community Supported Fishery).  Threw our partnership with RGF we have gained education and hands-on experience working with seafood in its freshest form, sometimes even live. Most importantly for you our clients. We have access to the highest quality seafood available on the market. www.Realgoodfish.com

Supporting our local community is very important to The Ballesteros Catering company. We have gravitated towards programs where we have an opportunity to teach and empower our local children and youth. We are proud supporters and partners of  Food What!, Nourishing GenerationsTeen's Kitchen and Live Earth Farms. We share a passion with these organizations and our youth is at the core of it all. 

Chef Mario: Owner and CEO. Chef Mario Ballesteros is always personally involved with every event that is executed by TBCC. Chef Mario has extensive culinary experience. As a self-taught life long chef, Mario has been in the kitchen since a young boy. His young passion for fresh and decadent dining was inspired by his fathers weekend warrior cook-offs. In 2014 with the help and encouragement of his family and friends Chef Mario decided to take a leap of faith and leave behind the corporate world of sales and marketing. Starting his own catering company our chef found that catering and events were his dream career. Chef Mario developed a taco bar menu with his specific choice of seasoning and marinades and created the TBCC signature flavor. Our taco bar was our launchpad and propelled us through four very successful years. 

Chef Jessica: Owner and Chef Jessica are involved in teaching cooking and nutrition classes with partner organizations. She oversees teens and sometimes children as they prep and cook healthy meals. She is a strong member of the TBCC's team. Chef Jessica leads the staff in the kitchen and doubles as a banquet captain ensuring everything is perfect from prep to your very own plate. Chef Jessica has a deep passion for healing through nutrition and has found a way to remain a healer in her new career as a chef. 

Collaborating partners:


Family Owned and  Operated